Kranas obecný v olivovém oleji / Small horse mackerel in olive oil, Ramon Pena 130g

Ramon Pena

CZ: Ramón Peña je producentem vyhlášených konzervovaných mořských plodů a ryb používaných šéfkuchaři po celém světě. Pečlivě vybírají ty nejkvalitnější kranase obecné ulovené v Atlantském oceánu. Ručně je čistí, opékají a grilují než jimi ručně naplní konzervy a zalijí olivovým olejem. Tento tradiční postup a důraz na maximální čerstvost mořských plodů zaručuje výjimečnou kvalitu více než 90 let.

Čistá Hmotnost: 130g.

Informace pro naše obchodní partnery
Počet balení v kartonu: 24.

EN: Conservas Ramon Pena is a premier producer of fine canned seafood. Needle sardines come from Galician Rias of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, where they are collected from the water just off the shore of Galicia between May and November, when the sardines are at their best.
Ramon Pena ties up tradition, flavor and quality to offer an exclusive product with the best fishes and seafood. Galican Rias is a privileged area, located at the West side of mainland Europe, where climate and the purity of their waters make these Rias be a unique place for traditional local fishery and shellfish culture of a high gastronomic value.
Our gourmet small horse mackerel in olive oil is an exceptional taste treat for the fish lover. The best pieces are selected at the port and cleaned. Then small horse mackerel are grilled and toasted. After being toasted, they are manually canned with olive oil and salt. Mackerel in olive oil are best served as an appetizer with crunchy bread and crisp glass of wine.
The canned food of Ramon Pena can be found in the most prestigious restaurants and shops throughout the world. The reason for the world renown of this 3rd generation company is very simple. It is based on their commitment to the style, tradition, and quality of their products. Their current factory is provided with the most advanced technology and production facilities. Their products have a limited production because on the best will do.

Net Weight: 130g

Information for our business partners
Number of cans in a carton: 24.

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